Scroll Screen Centrifuges

Basket view showing scraper and screen.Scroll screen centrifuge basket.SHC-250 scroll screen centrifuge. 








The scroll-screen centrifuge consists of a horizontally driven scroll conveyor, which revolves at an optimum differential speed within a rotating conical basket. Solids separation from the mother liquor is achieved by the action of centrifugal force, operating at high g force, while discharge takes place via the inclination of the basket and the differential speed of the scroll. At the point of separation, solids are conveyed forwards by the scroll to discharge at the widest open-end of the filter basket, with the filtrate passing directly through the screen.

This type of centrifuge can be equipped with automatic scroll speed adjustment to accommodate changing process requirements, which completely eliminates operator intervention and process downtime. Scroll-Screen machines have an excellent washing capability and can be used for solids-liquid separation, where the feed materials have high particle sizes, i.e. 50 microns or above.

Sizes range from 200 - 800mm diameter

ImageTypical three stage scroll screen operation.

Typical applications for the scroll screen include :

... plus many others.