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Decanting Centrifuges - Sugar

ImageDecanter processing clarifier underflow.
Broadbent design and manufacture a range of decanting centrifuges for use in the sweetener industries. Decanting centrifuges are continuous in operation and sizes are available to process flows from 20 - 100 cubic meters per hour (approx 100-500 US gals/min).

Broadbent decanters are used in the beet sugar industry to process clarifier underflow and produce a handleable solid for returning to the growers or other disposal. This reduces or removes the need for open settling ponds with the associated problem of odours.

Within the cane industry decanters are used to supplement the capacity of RVF's operating on cane mud clarifier underflow. Decanters can produce drier solids than many solids removal techniques currently used in the sweetener industries. This lower moisture, coupled with the ability to wash within the decanter, gives both a drier solid and greater sucrose recovery.
ImageInstalling a decanter at a sugar mill.

The dewatering of sludges and other effluent streams is a well-established application for decanting centrifuges. Many separation requirements within the sweetener industries fall in this general category. Contact Broadbent to discuss your particular application.

Click here for details on our range of decanting centrifuges.

The patented Broadbent decanter centrifuge design for cane mud processing provides :

  • Dryer discharged mud than an RVF.
  • Operation without bagacillo addition.
  • Sucrose recovery typically 95%.
  • Simply to automate with large turn down ratio and minimum supervision.
  • Full wear protection giving long life for rotating components.
  • Electrical power consumption similar to RVF installation.
  • Smaller space requirement than equivalent RVF.

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