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Sugar Centrifugals

ImageBatch centrifugal.

ImageContinuous centrifugal.









Broadbent produces one of the largest ranges of batch and continuous centrifugals for all grades of sugar massecuites for cane factories, beet factories and refineries. Over many years Broadbent has gained extensive operating experience and has tailored its products to deal with difficult sugar factory conditions and product variability.

As a result Broadbent sugar centrifugals are known for high capacity and efficient processing and are a major contributor to efficient and reliable factory operation.

With batch centrifugal capacities up to 60 t/h of massecuite and continuous centrifugal basket diameters up to 1.575m, Broadbent has the solution for every application in a sugar factory. Optional extras and special adaptation can be used to enhance performance to suit all our client’s specific objectives.

The key features of our products can be found on the relevant product pages. Please use the menu on the right or click here to go to the Sugar Product pages.

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