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Cane Mud Separation

Horizontal decanter centrifuges use sedimentation rather than filtration to separate solids from cane or beet washing plus environmental waste or recovery streams. They are also being developed as an alternative to rotary vacuum filters as decanter centrifuges offer savings in terms of power, space and maintenance.

Separation of muds in decanters can reduce or eliminate the common practice of using lagoons to recover the solids from waste streams avoiding environmental issues from odours as well as releasing land for other purposes.

ImageDecanter processing cane mud.ImageDecanter installed in sugar mill.

The Broadbent cane mud decanter uses a patented washing system to reduce the sucrose content of the discharged mud. In addition the decanters are fitted with wear protection initially developed for the mining and mineral industry. These features allow a correctly configured decanter to save energy and reduce maintenance costs without high sucrose losses.

The Broadbent cane mud decanter range allows the processing of up to 90 CuM/hr (400 USgpm) of cane mud in a single unit. Please contact Broadbent Sugar division for more information.

For more information on decanter centrifuges please follow this link.

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