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Bio Ethanol

Broadbent supply a range of high speed decanter centrifuges specially configured for dewatering the “mash” in ethanol distilleries using corn or similar feed stocks. The decanters are designed to resist the abrasion that occurs in this high speed application. The decanter centrate contains a low level of suspended solids which reduces the need for cleaning the down stream evaporators. The discharged DGS solids are typically 33-35% W/W solids depending on the feed material.

Image750x3000mm decanter for ethanol applications.5 machine installed in the USA.Installation of Broadbent ethanol decanters.








A 750mm decanter is able to operate with feed rates up to 70 CuM/hr (300 USgpm) at 3000G.

In addition we can also supply centrifuge systems including high speed disc bowl centrifuges for either liquid/liquid or liquid /solids separation for very high efficiency of clear liquid discharges and removal of the finest solids. Such systems are typically used in the production of ethanol from sugar.

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For more information on decanter centrifuges please follow this link.

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