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Used & Refurbished Centrifuge Equipment

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Used & Refurbished Centrifuge Equipment
Examples of repaired batch centrifuges
Examples of repaired decanter centrifuges
List of used equipment in stock

Acquiring new centrifuge equipment, though desirable, may not always be feasible due to capital restrictions or the need for rapid delivery and commissioning. Refurbished centrifuges, or second user equipment, especially when improved by an upgrade, can be a viable alternative.

ImageFully refurbished Pusher Centrifuge.ImageRefurbished Batch Chemical Centrifuges.








Our Spares, Service and Repairs division uses our well-equipped workshops for refurbishing projects of all kinds, ensuring the highest standards and latest upgrades are applied to previously-owned equipment from Broadbent, as well as many other manufacturers.

Click here for our most recent stock list of used and refurbished centrifuges.

ImageGMP centrifuge in hastalloy material for a Pharmaceutical applicationImageRefurbished decanter








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