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Used & Refurbished Centrifuge Equipment

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Used & Refurbished Centrifuge Equipment
Examples of repaired batch centrifuges
Examples of repaired decanter centrifuges
List of used equipment in stock



Examples of Refurbished Decanter Centrifuges.
Before and After.

The photographs below show decanter centrifuges in the 'as received' state and also after they have been refurbished in our workshops.

Repair and refurbishment is available on all type of centrifuge including :

  • Batch Chemcials
  • Peeler centrifuges.
  • Pusher centrifuges.
  • Decanters (screen bowl, solid bowl & three phase).

Decanter Centrifuge examples.

ImageKHD decanter : Before.ImageKHD decanter : After.








KHD 1100 x 3000mm decanter. Conveyor flights returned to as-new size,
worn & damaged tiles replaced, bowl flanges recovered and screen plates replaced.

ImageFull decanter : Before.ImageDecanter rotating assembly : Before.








24x38" (600x900 mm) decanter as received.

ImageFull decanter : After.ImageDecanter rotating assembly : After.








Broadbent 24x38" (600x900 mm) decanter after full refurbishment and update.

Contact details for our technical service team are :

Technical Service Team contact details.

For all technical service projects and for refurbishment, reconditioning projects contact our Technical Services Team Sales Manger John Whiteley : This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it  
To arrange all on-site visits including inspection, installation, commissioning, maintenance, repairs etc. please contact our Service Co-ordinators :

General contact details. 
Spares & Repairs.
T: +44 1484 477312
F: +44 1484 431821
E: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

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