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Broadbent Spares, Service & Repairs Division

Broadbent Spares, Service and Repairs division operates comprehensively-equipped workshop facilities which are based in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. 

ImageDecanter rotating bowl assemblies






Since its foundation in 1864, Broadbent has always provided comprehensive service and support to all its customers - at home and abroad. Originally, its staff worked exclusively on Broadbent machinery, but quickly expanded to include other manufacturer’s equipment. The dedicated Spares, Service and Repairs division was created in 1987 – helping to consolidate the Company's customer support provision and offer more specialist workshop facilities. Today our Spares and Servicing team numbers over 40 – with hundreds of years’ experience between them.

ImageRefurbished batch centrifugeImageFully assembled decanter







The division also takes responsibility for environmental protection for both its own and other manufacturer’s separation products and laundry systems.


ImageDecanter conveyor after retiling. Alumina ceramic. ImageReplacement decanter conveyor tiles. Tungsten carbide.

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