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Technical & Design Capability

Over the past 150 years Broadbent has designed and manufactured the vast majority of the products it has sold to the solid-liquid separation, effluent and water recovery markets. Success in these markets requires a sustained commitment to good product design.

Highlights include:

  • Full mechanical, process and electrical in-house design facilities
  • 3D-CAE systems for engineering design, drawing, FEA analysis, vibration, modal and ODS analysis
  • Design work includes hazard evaluation, risk analysis, certification GAMP, ATEX etc. as required
  • Extensive facilities for programming a variety of industry standard PLC systems
  • Comprehensive test facilities with computer based data logging, vibration analysis, sound/power intensity and EMC compliance.

Shows forces acting on a batch sugar centrifuge.Centrifuge dynamics.
FE stress analysis of a decanter bowl head.FE Stress analysis.










In-house facilities are supplemented by close links with leading academic institutions, other external research bodies and industry experts. Not only does this keep Broadbent at the forefront of new techniques, it gives us rapid access to an extensive range of specialist analytical techniques and test facilities.

High torque epicyclic gear box for decanter centrifuge.Decanter gearbox.ImageVibration analysis of centrifuge frame.







Bespoke separation technology & engineering services

Broadbent has undertaken specialist tailor-made design work for several international users of separation systems for both new pilot and full-scale separation development projects. Please contact us with your requirements on : This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it



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