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Broadbent is certified under the international quality standard ISO9001:2008 for the design, development, manufacture and installation of industrial centrifuges and washer extractors. Certification was first gained in 1991. Click here to see the ISO certificate. The current certification expires on 31 October 2018.

Quality objective and policy of Broadbent Ltd.

High-speed rotating machines demand high standards of design, manufacture and application to ensure safety and reliability throughout their operational life.

Centrifuges require particular attention to the stressing of rotating parts, containment and interlocking of the centrifuge itself, as well as attention to the corrosion, erosion, toxic and flammable properties of the materials to be separated.

The essential standards are contained in BS.EN.12547:2014.

Quality Policy

ImageThe Company operates a Quality System based on the requirements of BS.EN.ISO.9001 2008, and summarised in our Quality Manual. The Quality Manual and supporting procedures describe how the Company's Quality Policies regarding the application of the principles of controlled Quality Assurance are implemented. It also defines in detail the operating practices and procedures of all departments whose input or actions may affect the quality of its products and services.

Our objective.

Our overriding objective is to be rated by our customers as their foremost supplier for reliability, delivery and service. This applies to all areas of Broadbent activities, but focuses in particular on:

Reliability : Get it right first time
Delivery : Get it to the customer on time
Service : Keep it running all the time

These goals are embodied in the philosophy behind all the company’s quality procedures and form an integral part of everyone's training and day to day objectives.

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