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Research and Technology

The research and technology facility at Broadbent includes a full range of in-house engineering and design skills covering process design, mechanical, electrical, and control engineering. All the major parts of our solid liquid separation equipment are made in our own manufacturing facilities.

Cut away showing direct connection from motor to basket.Batch sugar centrifugal.

Used widely in the sugar industry.Continuous centrifuge.













Broadbent are an ISO.9001:2008 certified company. Our quality system covers design, manufacture, and installation of our products. Our in-house research and technology team is both experienced and professional comprising over 15 engineers and laboratory staff.

Our process laboratory has a huge range of experience gained through testing many hundereds of samples from real solid-liquid separation problems over the years. It is the combination of process experience and sound engineering design that helps make Broadbent products an excellent long term investment.

For operation up to 3000 G.High speed 750mm diameter decanter.


We also enjoy long-standing links with academic institutions, industrial trade organisations and independent consultants with specialised knowledge, including:

  • Cambridge University Engineering Department
  • Cambridge University Geotechnical Center
  • Filtration Society
  • Textile Services Association
  • British Standards Institute
  • Castings Development Center

To get more information on these organisation please goto our Links page.

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