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Reconditioned Centrifuges

Industrial Process Division

Reconditioning can be a cost-effective alternative to purchasing new equipment. Our mechanical and electrical engineers can upgrade and improve the performance of most industrial centrifuges at a fraction of the cost of buying new. We provide a full rehabilitation service for existing centrifuges

Buy reconditioned machinery straight from stock.

Highlights :

  • All key rotating components inspected and design calculations verified prior to re-using any rotating elements.
  • Basket and decanting centrifuges of any make reconditioned and upgraded
  • Modern electronic controls, variable speed drives and electrically powered discharge systems fitted to most makes.
  • Centrifuges coated to make them suitable for use on multi-product plants.
  • Machines modified to pressure tight construction and fitted with purge and sealed discharge systems.
  • Centrifuge baskets suitable for fitting to most major manufacturers' machines manufactured in most materials of construction
  • Decanting centrifuges refurbished and added-wear protection applied by fitting the Broadbent tiling system with tungsten carbide, silicone carbide or silicon nitride tile inserts to protect the conveyor profile from abrasion.

For more information on refurbished, reconditioned and used equipment goto our used equipment pages.



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