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Sugar courses - Nicholls University USA 2011.

Friday, 28 January 2011

ImageSugar productionRaw and Refined Sugar Courses 2011.
Nicholls State University, Louisiana, USA.

These well established 10 day Sugar courses are set to run in June and July 2011.

As part of their continuing education program Nicholls State University run courses on Raw Cane Sugar Manufacturing and Cane Sugar Refining. These courses have been running for over 20 years under the Directorship of Dr Bob Falgout. The next courses are scheduled for June & July 2011.

The courses are residential and reasonably priced at approx $2,400 including food and accommodation. For more information and an application form for these courses visit

The Raw Sugar Course runs from June 20 to 30, 2011 and comprises the following topics :

1. Overview of the Sugar Industry

2. Cane as the Raw Material
Varieties, Sampling and Payment Scale

3. Preparation and Milling
Storage, Washing, Chopping, Crushing/Diffusion, Maceration Water, Sanitation

4. Clarification and Filtration
Purification, Apparatus, Reagents, Reaction, Heating

5. Evaporation and Crystallization
Evaporation, Boiling Systems, Pans and Designs, Molasses Exhaustion

6. Centrifugals
Principles, Efficiency, Maintenance

7. Energy Economy
Steam Balances, Energy Balance, Electrical Utilization, Boiler Efficiencies, Bagasse as a Source of Fuel

8. Basic Instrumentation/Operational Computers
Juice Scales, Flow Meters, Control Valves, Operational Control

9. Chemical Control
Chief Chemists, Laboratory, Factory Control

10. Raw Sugar/Molasses/Value Added Products
Handling, Storage and Marketing

11. Government Programs/Regulations
Farm Bill, E.P.A., O.S.H.A., Quotas

12. Problem Solving, Resumé, Evaluation

The Refined Sugar Course runs from July 18 to 29, 2011 and comprises the following topics :

1. Overview of the Sugar Industry

2. Clarification Methods

3. Adsorption Process/Ion Exchange

4. High-Grade and Low-Grade Crystallization

5. Conditioning, Storage of Granulated and Liquid Sugar

6. Centrifugals and Their Operation

7. Sugar Marketing, Government Programs

8. Energy Economy

9. The Control Laboratory

10. Basic Instrumentation/Operational Computers

11. Overview of Legal Regulations(EEOC, EPA, FDA,OSHA, etc.)

12. Statistical Quality Control

13. Problem Solving, Panel of Experts

14. Resumé, Evaluation

For more information and an application form for these courses visit

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