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High grades for Thailand.

Monday, 13 April 2009


Broadbent supply high grade continuous centrifugals to three sugar mills Thailand.

Over the last few months Broadbent, working with our partners in Thailand, have installed and commissioned several high grade continuous centrifugals at three Thailand sugar mills.

The continuous centrifugals recently installed in Thailand are used in a variety of applications :

  • Producing sugar for re-melt.
  • Affination.
  • Production of 'A' raw sugar.

Three of Broadbentr SPVH1100 centrifugesBroadent High Grade Continuous Centrifugals in Thailand 

The centrifugals typically process 25 tonnes of massecuite per hour and produce sugar with a moisture content of 1% W/W or below and an ICUMSA colour of around 1000. This type of centrifugal is well suited to applications were additional capacity is required to supplement a battery of batch centrifugals. The sugar from the high grade centrifugals can be blended with that from existing batch centrifugals. If the sugar crystal size (MA) is large then the high grade centrifugal can replace batch centrifugals. In these cases there are several benefits to the sugar mill owner including :

  • Continuous operation without the need for large conveyors or mixer tanks.
  • Lower energy consumption.
  • Lower capital cost.
  • Simple operation and maintenance.

As a general rule the sugar discharged from a high grade continuous centrifugal will be slightly wetter than that discharged from a batch centrifugal.

ICUMSA approx 1000 &  moisture approx 1% W/WRaw sugar from High Grade Continuous Centrifugal 

For more information of Broadbent centrifugals for the sugar industry please follow the links below.


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