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Ellis Broadbent 225 Extractor Update

Friday, 10 October 2014

Important message for all Ellis Broadbent 225lb Extractor users. New Safety Update issued. 2011.

A revised and updated set of operating and maintenance manuals and documents have been issued for the Ellis Broadbent 225lb Extractor. 

Copies of this information and updated extractor warning labels have been sent to all known Ellis Broadbent 225lb Extractor users. Additional copies of the manual are available here.

All owners, engineers and operators of Ellis Broadbent 225lb Extractors should refresh their understanding of using and maintaining the extractors by reviewing the contents of the updated 2011 manuals by clicking here. As with all mechanical equipment maintenance becomes more important as the equipment ages. All 225lb extractors are now at least 20 years old, some much older, and adherence to all the operation and maintenance sections in the manual is important to avoid hazards and maintain the safety of those operating and working near the extractors.

For more information go to out Laundry technical download pages by clicking here.

For more information or receive the complete safety update package including manuals and updated extractor warning labels please contact:

Ellis Corporation.
1400 W. Bryn Mawr Av.
Illinois. 60143.
Telephone : (630) 250-9222
(800) 611-6806
Web :

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