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These general links may be of interest and of some use - particularly to people not utterly wedded to Bill Gates and Microsoft.

In addition there are other categories of links shown at the bottom of the page.
Web Link
Project Management.
Open Workbench project management system. A good, free OpenSource alternative to Microsoft Project. This is a free software package that rivals MS Project and is well suited to projects that are limited by the availability of people.
PKWare ZIp utility
This program is free and allows you to unzip ZIP files. You may need this to access some of the zipped download files on this site.
Foxit Reader
Like Adobe reader this will read, dispaly and print PDF files. One benefit is that it's a lot smaller and generally a lot faster.
Adobe Reader
In the unlikley event you don't have Abobe reader (for PDF files) then follow this link to download the free reader from Abobe. Current and previous versions are available for download.
Gibson Research
Use this to site and the 'Shields-up' link to check how well your firewall is doing. The site also sells a utility to help recover data from damaged hard discs.
Google software
Lots to look at here including the lightening fast Google Chrome as an alternative to Internet Explorer.
If you need an FPT client or Server try looking here. These are open source versions that work well, and they are free.
Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird
A good alternative to Internet Explorer and Outlook without the cost.
Open Office
Fed up with MS Office costs. Give this a try, it's free and it works.
Microsoft Support
Swearing at Bill Gates? Perhaps you can fix it with a click here.
Microsoft Technet
Still swearing at Bill Gates? Try this more technical help link instead.
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