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Flatwork Finishing Equipment

To get more information on these products please see our BROCHURES and DATASHEETS 

A wide variety of flat work feeding machines for sheets, pillow cases, small   pieces and blankets for all types of laundry applications, including multi lane small piece through to dedicated high speed sheet feeding systems.

ImageFour station feeder.

A range of small return feed ironers and heavy duty commercial machines   with rollers of 800, 1200 and 1600 diameter and working widths of up to 4.2 metres.  Steam heated or gas fired machines are available.

Image1200 Ironer.

A range of economical and high quality folders to suit most of the above applications for multi lane, small and large piece folding with automatic multi lane stacking with, or without, centralisation.

ImageStandard Folder

A range of conveyor systems from individual units to cleverly controlled transportation and distribution conveyors for use in the soiled and clean areas  of the laundry.

ImageDischarge conveyor.

Packing conveyors, accumulating conveyors for collecting stacked linen prior to wrapping.

A variety of shrinkwrap, ‘L’ sealing machines both manual and automatic are available as well as simple banding, or strapping equipment.

ImagePacking and roll off conveyor.
To get more information on these products please see our BROCHURES and DATASHEETS

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