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Purge Panels

Originally designed for the reliable, robust and safe operation of centrifuges in hazardous areas, these Broadbent systems are designed for use in process plant operations where there is risk of explosion. Our systems maintain positive-flow purging and gas-blanketing with all necessary gas analysers, controls and alarms.

Each purging system carries out the following operations:

  • Prior to start up, the system ensures the equipment to be purged is sealed and a small positive pressure (10mB nominal) can be maintained. Any pressure loss will prevent further operation and purge failure will occur.

  • Allows a high continuous flow of nitrogen through the equipment and exhaust via vent extraction until a low level percentage oxygen is attained. A ‘Purge Failure’ is activated if the desired oxygen level is not attained in a pre-set time.

  • A low continual flow of nitrogen provides a positive pressure whilst the equipment is in operation.

  • If during the purge cycle a fault occurs, the system will alarm and continue the operation without interruption thus preventing nuisance tripping. (However, the cause must be investigated as a purge re-start will be prohibited).

  • If during the purge cycle, one of the following ‘Purge Failures’ arises, the equipment will be isolated and the emergency purge introduced:

    • Oxygen >8%
    • Emergency Nitrogen supply: low pressure
    • Oxygen analyser: failure
    • Nitrogen flow meter: failure
    • Equipment bearings: high flow
    • Centrifuge: low pressure
    • Initial purge time: exceeded

ImagePurge panel.

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