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Geotechnical Centrifuges

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Geotechnical Centrifuges
Selected centrifuge user sites

Links to a selection of Broadbent Geotech centrifuges users.

The text shown below are short extracts from several users website.
Please see the original websites for the latest information and the complete text.

IT Sligo. Geotechnical Research Group.

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The Geotechnical Research Group at IT Sligo conducts applied research that is highly relevant to issues currently facing the geotechnical industry. The core of our research is utilisation of the IT Sligo geotechnical centrifuge to investigate soil-structure interaction problems to develop innovative design concepts for complex geotechnical problems.

For full details please follow this IT Sligo Geotechnical link.

Brighton University.

Research themes: Ground, water and structural engineering.
Theme Leader: Dr Pierfrancesco Cacciola

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Research investigates the response of materials, soils, structures and engineered systems to forces imposed by their interaction with naturally occurring processes, such as earthquakes, permafrost and waves.

For full details please follow this link to Brighton University.

Structural Engineering and Geotechnics research unit. University of Brighton.

Soil Laboratory

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The soil mechanics and ground engineering laboratory includes:
A balanced beam geotechnical centrifuge manufactured by Thomas Broadbent Ltd.
The centrifuge has a working radius of 0.65m, and is capable of accelerating packages of about
20kG to 300 times the Earth’s gravitational acceleration.

For full details please follow this link to Brighton University Soil Laboratory.

University of New South Wales

Commissioning of new centrifuge permeameter facility.

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A world class centrifuge permeameter facility has been commissioned for the National
Centre for Groundwater Research and Training (NCGRT)

For full details please follow this link to the University of New South Wales.

Image gallery - Centrifuge permeameter installation and commissioning 2011

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