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Flue Gas Desulphurisation

Friday, 13 June 2008

Large vertical axis batch centrifuges are used for de-watering the gypsum slurries that result from the removal of SO2 from flue gases in fossil-fuel-burning power utilities. They produce low chloride, low moisture commercial grade gypsum. Solid bowl decanter centrifuges are also available for this application where the gypsum is used for land-fill or dyke building.

ImageInstallation of 18 ACE900 centrifuges.ImageACE1400 large batch centrifuge.













The Broadbent range of FGD centrifuges have capacities from 120L to 1400L and are able to produce up to produce 12.5 T/hr dry gypsum. Installations of these machines display the following advantages:

  • Well suited to the production of low chloride, low moisture commercial grade gypsum
  • Superior results compared with vacuum belt filters 
  • Able to process a wide range of gypsum particle sizes 
  • High processing rates 
  • Finished product de-watered to 8% or less (dry weight) 
  • Installation controls interface with main plant controls 
  • Regenerative variable frequency inverter fed drives 
  • Low energy consumption 
  • Advanced chemical resistant materials of construction

ImageSmall ACE120 FGD centrifuge.

ImageGypsum in centrifuge basket.

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