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High capacity, atmospheric, fume tight and fully-sealed solid bowl decanter and screen bowl decanter centrifuges are offered for the ‘slurry process’ of PTA, S-PVC, Bisphenol A, HDPE, Methyl Methacrylate, Styrene Rubbers (ABS/SAN), Polyethylene and Polypropylenein etc and can be provided in a  variety of construction materials.

ImagePressure decanter installation.

Typical performances and features on a selection of the above applications are:


  • Up to 35TPH dry solids depending on grade in a single centrifuge
  • 0.3 bar g internal pressure
  • Special designed case seal arrangement – no product contamination


  • Up to 65 TPH dry siolids in a single centrifuges
  • 8.0 bar g internal pressure – Temperature up to 170 degrees C
  • Special designed case seals  -  water cooled – no product contamination
  • Special Anti Chatter Device (ACD)


  • Up to 20 TPH dry solids in a single centrifuges to cover a wide range of grades
  • Less than 30 PPM suspended solids in centrate
  • Special Anti Chatter Device (ACD)


  • Up to  25 – 30 TPH dry solids in a single centrifuge
  • 0.5 bar g internal pressure
  • Special screen and product washing features – Patented design

General Features

  • External main bearings and gearbox
  • Compact and small ‘footprint’ 
  • Long intervals between maintenance 
  • Barring gear – stable operation/temperature ( were required )
  • Low power vs output (kW per tonne DS) 
  • Low speed = Low noise, low maintenance, low vibration 
  • High torque gearboxes


ImagePVC decanter installation.

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