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Image1400mm diameter decanter for potash.ImageLarge decanter for tailing applications.







Several mineral applications can be successfully handled using Broadbent solid bowl and screen bowl decanter centrifuges - including Potash, Kaolin, Calcium Carbonate, Oil Sands and Coal processes. The latest wear protection is employed to protect the centrifuge screw blade and discharge area. Solids outlet capacities of in excess of 100 TPH are regularly achieved. On classification duties, Broadbent decanters can if required continuously classify the different sizes of solids discharged with the centrate.

  • Low cake moisture: high solids removal: high centrate clarity
  • For slurries 1-70% solids : particles 1 micron to > 1cm
  • Feed rate from 40 litres per minute to 5,000 litres per minute
  • Compact – small ‘footprint’
  • Materials of construction to suit the rigours of the application
  • State of the art abrasion resistant materials
  • Bowls range from 150mm – 1400mm diameter
  • High torque gearboxes
  • Low operating costs, low maintenance cost



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