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Geotechnical Centrifuges

ImageThomas Broadbent & Sons Ltd have the world’s leading range of geotechnical centrifuges underpinned by Cambridge University’s Geotechnical Schofield Laboratory. These specialist geotechnical centrifuges are available with integrated data acquisition systems.

The new exciting range of geotechnical centrifuges designed and built by Broadbent, supported by Cambridge University’s Drum IPR, is sold under the ‘Broadbent G-Max’ name.

This range of geotechnical research tools brings together Broadbent’s centrifuge design skills, manufacturing expertise and internationally renowned service network. The data acquisition systems use G-Max's skills and geotechnical test know-how. We offer  support from initial project concept through to final turnkey facility installation and training.

Broadbent G-Max have designed and developed an entirely new concept in Geotechnical Centrifuge design. The world’s first combined beam and drum platform – the Modular Centrifuge.

Small self contained beam centrifuge. GB GT/0.75

Get the best of both worlds - the proven beam centrifuge with the enhancement of a drum.

Features & Benefits of drum centrifuges.

  • ‘In flight’ advanced manipulation of tool position
  • Compact by comparison with beam centrifuges
  • Inherently safe channel design
  • Safety shield feature allows for tool change whilst samples are ‘in flight’
  • Extended footprint allows multiple position tests
  • Current designs - up to 400 times gravity
  • Free standing centrifuge with rotating parts within substantial casing
  • Channel can operate as a virtual beam
  • Engineering support services world-wide 

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