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How often should I inspect my centrifuge baskets.

Sunday, 08 February 2009

The regular inspection of centrifuge baskets is an vital step necessary to ensure long term safe operation of any centrifuge. Without details of the particular basket and the centrifuge application it is not possible to give a definite time period between inspections or a definite procedure for an inspection. However, as a general rule baskets should be inspected every year, and in accordance with the manufacturers instructions. Inspections should be made by trained personnel using crack detection techniques such as dye penetrant, ultrasonic inspection or magnetic particle inspection - depending on the particular basket.  As a general guide see the article in our technical sections showing the type of inspection required on a batch centrifuge basket for the sugar industry.

If you require further guidance or assistance with inspection of a centrifuge basket manufactured by Broadbent or other suppliers please contact our Service division :

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