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All buildings require good foundations, especially those in areas susceptible to earthquake, volcanic eruption, avalanche, erosion or tidal wave. For any onshore/offshore construction site it is therefore critical that the effects of long term geo-environmental stress are well understood early in the project. Broadbent Geotechnical Centrifuges are based on pioneering work from Cambridge University Geotechnical center in the UK. Our specialist machines allow parametric studies to be carried out on representative scale model samples of the actual construction site. The test results predict likely ground displacement and other ground failure mechanisms.

Features & Benefits

  • ‘In flight’ advanced manipulation of tool position
  • Compact by comparison with beam centrifuges
  • Designed and manufactured to ISO 9001
  • Inherently safe channel design
  • Safety shield feature allows for tool change whilst samples is ‘in flight’
  • Extended foot print allows multiple position tests
  • Current designs up to 400 times gravity
  • Free standing centrifuge with rotating parts within substantial casing
  • Channel can operate as a virtual beam
  • Engineering support services worldwide

For more details please go to our Geotechnical products page.

ImageOne of Broadbent's Geotech products. 1.7M beam centrifuge under test.


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