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Batch Centrifugals for Sugar and Sweeteners. 

The Broadbent range of batch centrifugals are unique in their robust simplicity and overall suitability for the sugar processing industry - in refineries, cane or beet factories, it gives heavy duty, high capacity performance. Key features which make the performance of Broadbent batch centrifugals outstanding include:

  • Custom-designed motors for high cycle rates
  • Unique suspension for supporting the rotating assembly
  • Basket designed to highest safety standards
  • Energy efficient drive systems
  • Unique clean screen discharge system

For more details on this extensive range of centrifugals go to our Sugar Division Products page.

Batch Centrifuges for Pharmaceutical and Chemical Applications.

Broadbent supply both vertical spindle batch centrifuges and horizontal peeler centrifuges. These can be manufactured for use in the chemical applications or for GMP pharmaceutical use.

For more information on these ranges :

ImageVertical spindle and horizontal peeler centrifuges.ImageBatch sugar centrifugals.

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